It’s always fun to tag along on my husband’s work trips. Most of them are in functional cities, which hold their own appeal since I’m nut fussy about needing to be entertained (I am never bored). But on occasion, he heads off into the wild blue yonder and we get to do some grand adventuring. We went to Barbados in February 2016. It’s the southernmost island we’ve visited in the Caribbean, though it’s really in the Atlantic Ocean (and the eastern outlier of the West Indies). I’m a big fan of the ocean, and when we’re at home in North Carolina we recreate in the strong currents and choppy waves of the Atlantic Ocean–the murky greenish waters don’t let you see the bottom, much less any sharks that may be swimming with you. They don’t call the waters off our shore the Graveyard of the Atlantic for nothing, y’all. So anytime we can get to the Caribbean waters, we’re happy snorkelers and drift divers. Barbados is a coral island because its base is made from upwardly-moving coral, not volcanic lava flow. And that means you cut the crap out of your feet when you walk into the water from the shore. 😦 We had a great week, but for me, Barbados was one and done. It was just too far to not have easier access to the sea. Fortunately, there’s a lot more world to discover out there.

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