The Colosseum

My favorite day in Rome was when we adventured around the Colosseum and the Forum. Even in its current iteration, the Colosseum is awesome. Build in 70 AD, it’s amazing how much of the structure still remains. We know it was active for four centuries before it was picked apart for building materials, which poses an interesting dilemma for people like us, who don’t live next door to an ancient piece of cultural heritage. Our two-acre meadow in the states didn’t require anyone to decide if it was more important for people to have space to live versus keeping history in tact. Two years prior, we trekked through the Amfiteatre Romà in Tarragona, Spain (it’s a second-century arena facing the Mediterranean), so it wasn’t our first Roman colosseum. Expert tip: make sure you venture back to the Colosseum to see it at night; it’s a totally different experience.

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