Washington, DC

I travelled outside the norm last week, taking my mom (whom everyone calls “Rah-Rah”) to Washington DC. She turned 70 this year, and it was her first trip to our nation’s capital. It was a whirlwind adventure, with just two full days on the mall, but we had as much fun as if we’d been there a week.

For several years in a row, my husband had training in DC, so our adventurous son and I tagged along. We can navigate the Metro like the badasses we are, and I love the frenetic pace of the government workers. But this time, I visited a couple of things I haven’t been to because (a) no kid with us and (b) Rah-Rah isn’t the avid hiker we are.

For as long as I can remember, mom wanted to see the First Ladies Gowns exhibit, over at the National Museum of American Art. So we went, and it was lots of fun. You could visualize how tall or short, or busty (many of the wives of the formative fathers era of the nation were short and busty) the wives were, and get a little background on them. My favorite first wives, more for their public service while in office, are: Hillary Clinton, LadyBird Johnson, Rosalyn Carter, and Michelle Obama. We also went over to the National Portrait Gallery to see the new Kehinde Wiley portrait of my president, and while we were there, we got to visit the portrait of my personal hero, Jimmy Carter. President Kennedy’s portrait was also pretty tight. The National Air & Space Museum was, as always, my favorite, but the food court was closed. boo, hiss.