Paris: Museums

Everybody said “you gotta see the Louvre.” But I don’t do crowded lines at museums. What I wanted to see from Paris was not just contained inside of a gigantic building. So we did a little research and decided to amble through the gardens and surrounding areas of the Louvre when it was closed, on a Tuesday. What a great idea. The building itself is gigantic, and reminded us a bit of the Vatican, the way it’s shaped like a U with a giant courtyard. Without the huge crowd, we also enjoyed the grounds and outdoor sculptures. Did you know they keep a LIVE GOAT chained in the ditch line to, I don’t know, keep the grass mowed? We’ll likely check out the Louvre whenever we’re back in Paris, but we didn’t want to spend a whole day in one spot this time.

We did discover many people preferred the Musée d’Orsay, because the crowds were smaller and the old train building housing the works is cool. We agree on both counts. It was a nice walk from our apartment in Invalides to the museum, where we spent a couple hours enjoying the goods, and we were done by lunchtime. Perfectamundo.