London, England

I was thrilled to adventure through London last week, even though it was rainy and cold five out of six days. We managed to take 99,488 steps and cover 43.4 miles, add two UNESCO World Heritage sites to our list, touch Chaucer’s tomb, look at the original Magna Carta, see the Queen leaving Buckingham Palace, and run across the newest installation of Collette Miller’s Wings at Heathrow.

We stayed in the Mayfield area, abutting Green Park (with Buckingham Palace across the park) and an easy walk to the Green Park underground entrance. Perhaps one of the best things we did in preparation for the week was order a 7-day Travelcard, which gave us access to all metros and bus lines the whole week. We saved a ton of money not relying on Uber or any car services at all.

I loved London. The people were so friendly, things were surprisingly affordable, getting around is easy, and it’s one of the few international destinations we’ve been to in the last few years that didn’t require translation on the spot. I could move there tomorrow.