London: Westminster Abbey

Perhaps one of my favorite adventures in London was our afternoon at Westminster Abbey. Check out their tagline:

Coronations, royal weddings, kings, queens, statesmen and soldiers, poets, heroes and villains – history happens here and it’s all waiting to be discovered.

This is a church that welcomes the public in for services on a regular basis. It’s also a hallowed place with amazing people buried and memorialized there. We were overwhelmed to see the resting place for Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking, Chaucer, TS Elliott, William Wordsworth; and an amazing list of monarchs and their consorts, and prime ministers. I touched the crypts of Chaucer and Richard the Lionhearted. We paid an extra 5 pounds to go upstairs to see the Queen’s Jubilee Exhibition, where we saw, I shit you not, the Magna Carta. Earlier in the day, before we headed over to Westminster, we watched the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace … and waved to THE QUEEN as she was driving out of the palace. Best. Day. Ever.