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TBT: Los Angeles

Man, there’s nothing I love better than hitching a ride on a work trip with my husband. Don’t get me wrong–family trips are the BEST, but there’s something empowering about traveling alone in a new city. Navigating on your own, eating by yourself. Doing what you want. In 2019, I tagged along to LA and had a great time. And I got to see my cousin, who was stationed in Long Beach at the time. Favorite adventure day: The Getty Center.


TBT: Sedona, AZ

We spent a couple glorious weeks in Arizona in 2012, and fell in love with the desert. Here are some of my favorite desert flower pics from three spots in and around Sedona: Broken Arrow Canyon (we loved the trail, but *hated* the assholes in the pink jeeps), Boynton Canyon, and West Fork on Oak Creek Canyon.