My adventuring son was going through some older photos for a project he’s working on and ran across a series of paths he got last summer when we were in Colorado. They’re all beautiful and, much to the delight of his two grandmothers (who are not hikers), gave them a glimpse of nature for which they don’t have easy access. It also tuned me in to the solitary narrative and beauty of paths. You should check out some of his other work when you’ve got a chance.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Appalachians run through North Carolina on their stretch from Georgia to Maine, and they’re our go-to mountains. Down south, they’re lush and filled with bugs and snakes and humidity. They’re nothing like the Rockies, which we experienced firsthand last month. And while I love our local range, I must admit that I also loved our adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Red Rocks Park

One of the places my adventurous son and I visited while we were in Colorado (me for the Romance Writers of America conference, him for the adventure) was Red Rocks Park in Morrison. My boys are big Dave Matthews Band fans, and he always plays at Red Rock Ampitheatre, so it was a given we’d at least check out the scenery. The amphitheater itself is cool, and while Jackson Browne was playing the evening we were wrapping up our hike, we were too hot and sweaty to have one iota of interest in sticking around.

The park is beautiful, well-marked and a great way to spend an afternoon. Since Denver is the mile-high city, you start off any adventure nearby at a pretty good elevation. Red Rocks Park is at 6,450 feet above sea level, and is spread over 738 acres. It’s a National Historic Landmark, with sandstone ledges, monoliths, dinosaur tracks, and fossil fragments. Like I said, it’s pretty damn cool.

Denver, CO

I had a great time last week in Denver for the Romance Writers of America National Conference. I found Colorado, in general, to be quite lovely. Denver was just a functional city, and while fun, it was no Barcelona or NYC. All the same, I had a lot of fun.

My son tagged along to do a little adventuring while I was conferencing, but during my downtimes, I was able to get out in nature with him. We grabbed a Lyft to take us out to Morrison, so we could hike around Red Rocks Park. Another day we tried a new-to-us car sharing service, Car 2 Go, rather than our usual ZipCar when we drove up through Boulder and Estes Park to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. They’re all Mercedes, so we transported to and from hiking in style. By far, our favorite places in Colorado were away from cities. Here’s some memories from around Denver and Boulder.